Patyčių dėžutė ens
"Patyčių dėžutė" is a platform, designed to allow students, their parents and teachers to safely and anonymously report acts of bullying

How to report bullying?

"Patyčių dėžutė" is designed to help you quickly and completely anonymously report any acts of bullying that you experience or notice. You can provide information not only about yourself, but also about your classmate, friend, teacher or any other member of your school community who suffers from bullying or is a bully.
Complete the report with details of the person who has been bullied and details of the bully, witnesses, the date, place and time of the incident. You can also attach a screenshot of the cyberbullying to the report.
The report will reach those who are responsible to solve bullying cases at your school. All the information is confidential and you can be assured that it will not be publicly distributed or used for any other purposes.
Responses to all "Patyčių dėžutė" messages, regardless of their nature, will be handled responsibly and quickly. "Patyčių dėžutė" is not intended to serve as a game, it is a serious tool and you need to submit reports accordingly.


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with version 4.4 and higher
with version 9.0 and higher